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Welcome to Textile Cleaning Solutions Ltd


Textile Cleaning Solutions are manufacturers of Industrial cleaning equipment, specialising in carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning supplies. Established in 1998 we pride ourselves on the performance and quality of our products.


Our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house allowing us to ensure the highest standards of build and quality.


The new all in one EMV201 is not just a carpet cleaning machine but a versatile all rounder.  The EMV201 will allow you to adapt to each cleaning task, whether it is industrial carpet cleaning or residential carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or hard floor cleaning.


If you are looking for carpet dry cleaning, look no further than the award winning patented Texatherm process.  The Texatherm system is ideally suited for commercial carpet cleaning where large areas can be cleaned effectively and quickly.  This process achieves deep wet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a carpet dry cleaning system with 30 minutes drying time.